How Does Covid-19 Impacts IT Industry?


With Millions of Death tolls across the globe, COVID-19 continues to haunt individuals. It has been almost two years, and things worsen every day. The only possible method is to stay safe at home in this covid-19 outbreak. Though this thing has aided in saving several lives, it has also affected the economy across the world. The industries are doing their best to work in this scenario. From software to hardware, everything is affected. Amid this outbreak, every eye is on the IT sector and how the software outsourcing fields are coping with it. The IT industry is also facing challenges to run their business.

It Has Led To The Cancellation Of Many Tech Seminars.

The world-famous MWC or Mobile world congress planned to take place on 24th Feb 2020 was canceled because of COVID-19 impacts. This has led to several missed opportunities in the IT sector.

For the connectivity sector, the Mobile world congress is a big thing. It brings together all the IT people and companies to network and share their creative ideas with new business opportunities.

Coronavirus Outbreak May Highlight The Uses Of VR:

Also, in this outbreak of COVID-19, almost every big company such as Apple, Google, or even Microsoft has let their workforce operate remotely. Firms have also stopped the unnecessary travels of the workforce to areas such as the U.S.A., China, or even Italy.

5G network

Though this is the safest option to deal with the outbreak, the workforce is hindered in collaborative efforts and is missing out on hands-on training opportunities. The only solution to resolve this problem is through virtual reality or VR. Firms have already identified that virtual reality is better for the efficient training of the staff. Coronavirus has led companies to implement VR now. With the help of virtual reality, staff can keep their learnings sharp even after working from home, which was earlier only possible in the office.

The World Has Understood The Need For 5G:

5G’s lightning-quick speeds, increased network density, or near-instantaneous interactions make it primed for remote needs. These communications have become top of mind for several companies and enterprises as a safety method over the outbreak’s spread. Two major things, Teleconferencing and Telehealth, are becoming necessary for companies in this outbreak. The dependency has increased in these things that lead to strengthening the appeal of 5G devices, networks, or even software. Businesses may have to recruit developers to build their teleconferencing applications.

Telehealth is among the developing sectors in the crises. This might aid individuals to get diagnosed, operated or even treated with the need of a physician to be present physically. Many apps have been built in the past few months to achieve this objective. Several patients are self-quarantined and require medical help or supervision every day, and these applications are helping to resolve the problems.

Wrapping Up:

The whole world is going through difficult times. We are fighting this all together. Our safety is taken into consideration but at the stake of the economy. IT companies are working hard and blooming amid the coronavirus outbreak. No doubt, there are some positive and negative impacts on IT due to COVID-19.

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