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Country Project Sites

There are two sites for the SEA-ORCHID Project in Indonesia where primary and secondary outcomes are being collected:

Dr. Sardjito Hospital

Originally known as the Gadjah Mada University Hospital, the Dr Sardjito Hospital was officially established in 1982, when the hospital moved to its new location in Sekip, near the Faculty of Medicine.

Sardjito hospital

Dr Sardjito Hospital is the highest referral hospital for Yogyakarta and the Southern part of Central Java provinces. The referral system not only covers medical services, but also knowledge, medical or non-medical skill references. Supported by qualified health personnel and provided with sophisticated equipment, Dr. Sardjito Hospital's mission is to organize medical services, education and research and any other efforts in health in order to increase the health status and to be oriented to important community needs.

Dr. Sardjito Hospital is the main site for primary data and secondary outcomes collection for the SEA-ORCHID Project.


Sleman District Hospital

Sleman Hospital is one of the affiliate hospitals of Faculty of Medicine, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, and is located in Beran, Sleman, about 15 km from Dr. Sardjito Hospital, servicing 850,000 inhabitants.

As part of Yogyakarta Province, which is well known as “The Student City”, Sleman District has a potent education sector. There are at least 29 universities and colleges that support and contribute to policy and district development. Sociologically, it contributes to pluralistic conditions of the residence. Youth and students from various parts of the country come to Yogyakarta, especially to Sleman, to undertake higher education. This has also contributed to an increase in the number of inhabitants in the population, and Sleman District has the highest population growth in Yogyakarta Province.

For more information about Sleman District, please visit http://sleman.go.id/english/




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